USRowing Masters National Championships 2021

Aug 12 through Aug 15, 2021  USRowing Masters National Championships in Oakridge, TN.

Over 1400 competitors from 111 clubs raced in 237 events.

Chester River Rowing Club, represented by L. Reed (age 72) and L. Mitchell (age 77) entered and medaled in 3 events:

     Womens Ltwt F-K  4x  Gold 

     Womens Ltwt G-K  1x  Silver

     Womens Ltwt G-K  2x  Gold

USRowing Masters Nationals is always an exciting and challenging event (fog delays, heat, current, wind, finding rowers/coxes to fill seats, finding a boat to fit crew weight, lining up in the right chute lane, launching on time) but worth any nerves or inconvenience for the opportunity to connect, reconnect, and compete with rowers from across the US.