CRRC has dozens of active members from 20-something to well beyond 70, a year-round rowing and fitness calendar and a great inventory of boats and a trailer for hauling boats to regattas. As a member, you can use club boats at no cost, once you’ve shown you can handle them safely.

Throughout the world, Masters Rowing, for rowers 21 and up, is the fastest growing segment of the sport, and no wonder. It’s a fun upper- and lower-body workout that many consider the perfect way to stay fit. (And unlike exercising in a gym, the scenery is always beautiful.)

Chester River Rowing Club got its start in the 1980s when a small group of men who’d rowed in high school and college decided they wanted to get back on the water. Washington College invited them to use its boat- house and docks near downtown Chestertown on an ideal stretch of the Chester River.

Now, more than 30 years later, while most members learn to row in our Novice Classes, we still enjoy guest status at the WC boathouse—a benefit that helps the club keep annual dues unusually low.

We hope you’ll want to learn to row, and once you do, we hope you’ll want to keep at it, either just for fun or as a racing team member.